Technical Capabilities

Technical Capabilities

AlgoTactica is a boutique provider of data science solutions with an emphasis on analytical methods for customer base analysis and demand forecasting. We uniquely embody a broad scope of expertise that enables us to leverage the latest advances involving pattern and trend discovery for data sets of high dimensionality. Our data science designs creatively combine concepts involving machine learning, mathematical modelling, database systems, software integration architectures, network parallel computing, and user-interface engineering. By suitably blending these technologies, we develop advanced easy-to-use integrated systems that will aptly distill business insights, and predict market dynamics to empower your organization with a strategically competitive advantage.

One of our areas of specialization is Time Series Analysis (TSA) for predictive analytics and time-to-event forecasting. In this solution domain, we achieve optimum results by using extremely advanced TSA methods derived from signal processing strategies used in engineering systems identification and control. In contrast to traditional statistical methods, our approach permits design of predictive TSA models that are more flexible in accurately adapting to complex forecasting requirements, especially where non-linear time-varying dynamics are present.

In our overall practice, we employ advanced machine learning technologies to build powerful TSA models, natural language processing analytics, and other predictive architectures using Python, Apache Spark, H2O, MATLAB, TensorFlow, and Java. By leveraging our distinct combination of professional expertise and computing resources, including our own 70-core micro-cloud, AlgoTactica designs highly-effective and results-focused data science solutions, which are tailored to deliver a professional product conformant with individualized requirements.

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